Night Fall Hartford

Date October 6, 2018
Time 5:00 pm – 7:15 pm

Event Description

Night Fall Hartford_5_300.jpgNight Fall Hartford
Elizabeth Park - Intersection of Asylum Ave. and Whitney St. Hartford, CT
Saturday, October 6th, 2018
2pm pre-show activities, 6pm performance

Night Fall is Hartford's community celebration of seasonal change through art, music, dance and Anne Cubberly's legendary giant puppets. Grounds open at 2pm with vendors, art, food trucks, and sideshows.

Bring a chair or blanket to sit on, show starts at 6pm. The performance is FREE and family-friendly.

Night Fall Hartford_2_300.jpgThe event’s enchanting storyline – different each year – features singing, dancing, comedic antics, and magical, whimsical creatures from Cubberly’s workshop. 

Various woodland creatures, a hat tip to the history of Elizabeth Park, and the ongoing adventures of the (in)famous Night Fall Squirrels round out the production. The evening culminates in a procession of illuminated lanterns created from repurposed plastic bottles at a series of public workshops led by Cubberly.

Opening at 2 pm in the field adjacent to the performance area, attendees can make art, enjoy sideshows, shop with vendors, and purchase food from various local food trucks.
Night Fall Hartford_1_300.jpg

Guests are invited to bring a blanket or chair and settle in for an evening of visual, musical and literary surprises in celebration of the changing seasons and our natural environment. Organizers have arranged for a bike valet area for those who choose to ride to the park.

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