An Atomic Age Halloween

Date October 31, 2016
Time Starts at 7:00 pm

Event Description

An Atomic Age Halloween
Lyric Hall Theater - 827 Whalley Ave. New Haven, CT
Monday, October 31st, 2016
7:00 PM - midnight

The Atomic Age burst on to the scene with all the force of its namesake bomb. It was an unparalleled period marked with:
Limitless Scientific Optimism!
Huge Technological Advance!
50s Housewives!
Elvis Presley!
Lucile Ball!
Nuclear Waste!
Communist Paranoia and McCarthyism!
The Black Dahlia Murder!
Now, it bursts upon New Haven once again at the illustrious Lyric Hall. This Halloween, come back in time with us to the good old days when you could listen to rock-and-roll, eat disturbingly gelatinous foods, and get your annoying neighbor arrested for being a godless communist ALL WITHOUT GETTING OFF YOUR COUCH!

$10 admission gets you free food, live music, a DJ, and other surprises. Surprising... surprises. Cash bar. Get your tickets before they sell out as it is Halloween night (if any are still available, tickets at the door will be $15). Details and tickets

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