Halloween Quest for Kids at the Arnold Arboretum

Date October 6, 2018
Time 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Event Description

Halloween quest for kids "Save Sleeplessland"
The Arnold Arboretum - 79 Bussey St, Roslindele, MA
Saturday, October 6th, 2018
3:00pm – 5:30pm

We eagerly await young heroes aged 5-8!
Join us for a Halloween quest in the form of a mission to save an entire kingdom: Sleeplessland -- the land of dreams and fairytales.
Soon Sleeplessland will turn into a horrible and dangerous place! The Witch of Nightmares locked up the King of Sleeplessland with magical locks and gave away the keys to her minions.
Together with a Guide, the kids will find keys hidden in eggs and save the King. And they are sure to be well rewarded for their efforts.

How is the game going?
An elven guide will meet the kids, run ice-breaker games, recount the legend of Sleeplessland, and launch them into an adventure.
The kids will meet 3 monsters (but shh..) :
● ghost
● zombie
● witch of nightmares
At the end the saved King will show up!

Between the stations, the kids will look for hidden treasures, solve difficult riddles follow the given clues and play.

Duration: up to 2 hours.    Ages: 5-8 
Tickets: $35 per kid (for parents it`s free).

Costumes are not required, but if you so choose, we recommend two options:
1) pajamas - we are in the land of dreams after all! Remember to keep the weather in mind, however.
2) any costume that you might have! Superheroes, fairytale characters, characters from books or movies - all fit the theme perfectly. We will provide several capes and hats in case any child who wants a costume ends up without one.

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